Working Out For Mental Health – Why I Joined The Gym

This year I have really struggled with my mental health. I have always had to deal with anxiety day-to-day, but a couple of months ago I was feeling depressed, stressed and out of control. I was off work for a while to try and chill out and it did me the world of good. I have learned to be grateful again for all the amazing people in my life. Getting back into things makes me realise that I never have to go through it alone (nor does anyone) and the support from my colleagues, friends, family and even the NHS has been overwhelming. So thank you!

I’m making an effort to keep on top of my mental health by switching my phone off before bed, saying what I’m thankful for at night, reading more, seeking therapy and a NEW thing – going to the gym.

I even surprised myself with this one. A lot of people I know go to the gym and lead active lifestyles. As I struggle to put on weight I’ve never really had a reason to work out, and I never really enjoyed it especially when I lacked motivation. But this month I decided to join the gym for fun, to have a bit of me-time and take steps to increase those endorphins.

I’m lucky that I live where I do – I’m only 8 minutes walk away from my local sports centre that has everything I could ever need. The centre has a gym, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and classes throughout the week too. I want to exercise not to build up my muscles or increase my stamina (those things are just a bonus) but to chill out, take it slow and enjoy it.

My plan is to follow a weekly routine as best I can, so I can get into a rhythm and have things planned. Managing my day helps with my anxiety at work and at home so I’ve put together a little schedule:

Sunday – Swimming / Sauna / Steam Room

Monday – Hatha Yoga

Tuesday – Gym

Wednesday – Swimming / Sauna / Steam Room

Thursday – Yoga, Gym

Friday – Gym

Saturday – Day Off


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