My New Phone + Some of my Favourite Apps


I finally bought a new phone! It’s an iPhone 7 Plus and it’s huge. I’ve only updated slightly, as my old phone was the 6 Plus. There aren’t any huge changes but I’d say my favourite ones are the wider screen, the new home button and the amazing camera – seriously, it’s fabulous. The great thing about the larger iPhone is that the battery stays charged for the whole day. My friends are sat there with their chargers and I don’t even have to worry! I would seriously recommend the Plus iPhones if you want a longer lasting charge.
With a new phone comes new phone cases, which is another great thing about getting a brand new device. I tend to drop my phone all the time, and when I don’t drop it it’s thrashing around in my big bag somewhere against my keys (con to a big phone: it NEVER fits in your pocket.), so I needed a good case to keep it protected. I found this Botanical Tropical Hawaiian Flower Tough Case on Amazon and I bought it… sort of on a whim. I had a quick look on Etsy and there were some lovely phone cases on there (ones you can customise too!) but I really didn’t want to fork out £30 for one, so I went with the cheapskate option and got this case for about £7.99. I’m really happy with the quality and I would definitely buy this one again in the other designs they have.


I also took some time to change my phone background. I rarely change it, so getting a new phone was the perfect time to. I chose this one from Ccorina. I’ve had some backgrounds from there before, but I thought I’d go for a plainer design that was motivational (and a bit cheesy). While I was changing my phone background I decided to mimic this on my work computer (I always need some motivation!), my MacBook and my iPad. Now everything matches!




PETA. Of course I have to say this one! The PETA app is great for keeping up with the latest cruelty-free news. It’s good if I have a spare moment on my lunch or if I feel like having a read of something. I do warn you though… turn those notifications off because they just.don’t.stop!
Happy Cow. Let’s be real, what vegan hasn’t used Happy Cow before?! If you haven’t, it’s a useful app that shows you the nearest vegan options depending on where you are. You can also search for a location which is great if you’re on holiday or travelling. If you’re not vegan but you want to try eating cleaner or cutting down I would totally recommend this app too! Ps. if you don’t want to pay for it you can just use Safari.
Spotify. Spotify is my favourite app ever. I’m constantly on it, playing new songs and downloading the ones I love. Lana’s new album just got released and it’s all that’s been playing. Since I downloaded Spotify, I’ve found that my music taste has stretched over way more genres.
Citymapper. Helps me get from A to B in London. I’ve only lived here for about 6 months and I have no sense of direction so I never know what I’m doing or where I’m going, and probably never will. But it’s fine, ’cause Citymapper is here to save me.
ColorStory. This is actually a new app for me but it’s great for editing pictures for Instagram. I previously used Afterlight which is still fab. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but I particularly like ColorStory because you can save all your editing steps and mimic them on all your pictures (talk about consistency!)

Binaural Beats. This is a bit of a weird one, but in short, different audio beats stimulate different parts of your brain. My Binaural Beats apps have a range of different audio for me to use to stimulate my brain like; Confidence Boost, Anxiety Reduction, Lucid Dreaming, Focused and Alert, Concentration and Creative Thinking. I find these useful at work when I want to concentrate and can’t, or if I’m feeling anxious or rundown.

Instagram. Obviously!
I’m really loving my phone case at the moment and I’ll definitely be getting another one soon… any suggestions? It’s Autumn soon so maybe I should get an Autumnal one! I hope you liked my app picks, let me know if you have any recommendations for me! 


(yes I squish my ring because it’s too big, even in XS!)

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