Its Easy Being Vegan In Paris – Exploring Paris

Whenever a vegan goes on holiday, a week or so before leaving fear starts to creep into us. The thought of eating microwaveable rice and Pot Noodles for the duration of our holiday nauseates us. It makes us dread the actual trip that we’ve planned and looked forward to for months. Exploring a new place is supposed to be exciting and intriguing, but when it comes to eating balanced we can feel quite the opposite. We never know when we’re going to get the chance to have another meal- and chips and salad every day don’t quite cut it. We want something nutritious, healthy and satisfying.






In efforts to be organised ahead of my trip to Paris, I did about a dozen Google searches trying to find some nice vegan restaurants and vegan food, and was pleasantly surprised. Although some vegan restaurants are a little too “vegan” for me (I might post about this in the future), there was a great range of desserts, cafes and places for me to pick up food from or eat in with.

I visited Hank Vegan Burger, Hank Vegan Pizza, Vegan Folie’s, Cojean and a lovely vegetarian Indian restaurant (sadly I can’t remember the name).
Overall I really did enjoy experiencing the different foods (barring a horrific incident with tofu on pizza, why can’t we just have a normal pizza without any weird stuff?!). And just to be on the safe side I did pack some rice and Pot Noodles before flying, but I didn’t even touch them!
I hope you liked my photographs!




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