How I get my Skin to Glow – Tips + Advice

People always ask me how I get my skin to glow. I wish the answer was easy, but it’s really a combination of a few different things throughout my daily routine. Like most people, my skin has had its bad episodes and I’ve finally managed to figure out how to keep mine under complete control.

First off, I think the root of my skin issues came from consuming dairy products. All the hormones in milk just ruin your body, hormones and skin. You can click here for more info on that. However I’m not going to go into that topic today, instead I’m going to focus on other practical methods…

This is a really obvious one but most of us tend to struggle when it comes to our water intake. It’s sometimes hard to remember to drink water, but I find that having a routine and a large water bottle by my side helps. Water flushes out any bad chemicals in your body and revitalises you from the inside out- it’s always good! You may end up embarrassingly taking toilet breaks every 20 minutes like me, but you’re feeling super hydrated and looking much better for it!

The Key to the Glow – Cleanse + Moisturise 
I cleanse and moisturise my skin at least twice a day if I can- on a morning and on a night before i shower. I use LUSHs 9-to-5 Cleanser and a cotton pad to get the daily gunk off my skin and then lay on a load of LUSHs Celestial moisturiser. This simple routine I believe is the key to the glow! The more moisturiser, the more glow! If I’m feeling lazy on a morning I sometimes cheat and swap my cleanser for a makeup wipe, but I never do this at night ‘cause my skin goes clogged.

Aztec Healing Clay + Apple Cider Vinegar 
Yeah a weird mix! But trust me, I don’t know why this method is so unheard of. It’s natural, cruelty free and full of healing powers. Mix a capful of apple cider vinegar (I got mine from Holland and Barrett) with a tablespoon of healing clay and watch it fizz- it’s really satisfying. Give it a mix and paint your face with a paintbrush or old makeup brush. You can feel your face pulsate, which sounds odd- try it! I use this technique if I feel some pimples coming through or if I have any redness. It calms my skin down completely. Once the mask has been on for about 15 minutes, I wash it off in the shower with a cloth (I’m far too lazy to do it in the sink properly). After using the mask, my skin is sometimes a little red but I let it cool for half an hour and it goes back to normal.

Other Bits of Advice
I’ve not necessarily thought of the following as “tips” that help skin, but they could have some sort of connection…

  • Herbal teas- tasty herbal teas detox your system out. I like peppermint, chamomile and blackcurrant the most, and drink a few of these a day
  • Antioxidant foods- what you put in your body is important. If you’re having too many salty or oily foods it has to show somehow right? Tomatoes and fruit are good antioxidants as they flush your system, eat plenty!
  • Yoga and meditation- I slack at this all the time but getting your body moving circulates your system, and resting the mind reduces stress, and increases your immune system
  • Alcohol- get rid of every single alcohol skin product you have! Alcohol is both drying and aging, and is bad for skin alongside harsh solutions and creams
  • Let it breathe- it’s very important to let your skin be free of suffocating and dirty makeup. Caking on makeup that you don’t need every day is a recipe for spots and pimples.

And that’s the end of my skin glow guide- you should try it out and let me know what works! Do you have any tips and tricks for getting your skin to glow?


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