Going To Hollyweird

After many years of wanting to go to a proper concert, I eventually went to my first ever one… and landed myself smack dab in the middle of Hollyweird!

Lana Del Rey played at the o2 Academy in Brixton on Monday 24th July 2017, and it was the best live experience I’ve ever had. She announced only a week before that she was going to perform some of her new songs in an intimate show… so obviously I jumped on that straight away, and luckily I managed to get tickets! The show sold out in 2 seconds, and if it wasn’t for o2 Priority saving my life I wouldn’t have got tickets.

“I landed smack dab in the middle of Hollyweird!”
The queue for the show was huge, so much so that it went around two building blocks twice, and some fans had actually been waiting there for 15 hours, now that’s dedication! Thankfully, to make us feel better about waiting for so long the o2 staff handed around some Hollyweird postcards which I will cherish forever!

The show itself was stripped back, casual and quite personal. I loved that she sang songs from her older albums and not just her new. The set list was:
1. Cruel World
2. Cherry
3. Shades of Cool
4. Blue Jeans
5. Born to Die
6. Summertime Sadness
7. Video Games
8. Serial Killer
9. White Mustang
10. In My Feelings
11. Ultraviolence
12. Ride
13. Love
14. Off to the Races

Lana also released her album Lust for Life on 21st July, and I love it so much! The artwork is just beautiful. My favourite songs, in order, are:
1. Cherry
2. White Mustang
3. 13 Beaches
4. Summer Bummer
5. Heroin
6. Tomorrow Never Came
7. Lust for Life
You can listen to her new album here:

This was the perfect first taste of a Lana Del Rey show, and I’ll definitely see her again soon, hopefully it’ll be the next time she’s in England!
Have you guys ever seen Lana Del Rey live? What do you think about Lust for Life?

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