Cruelty Free Base Makeup

I can’t deny it, transitioning to vegan beauty and skincare products is hard. As a beauty lover I have so many makeup products, some I’ve had for years and I still haven’t managed to open them! Even though I’ve been vegan for over a year and a half now I’m still flushing out the makeup that isn’t vegan or cruelty free. Since it’s so expensive it’s not like I can just throw it all away and repurchase everything straight away! Many newbie vegans who are into makeup and skincare are probably questioning the same thing I did when I was new…

 “What should I do with my non-vegan makeup?”

The answer?

To keep your old makeup and repurchase vegan alternatives as and when you run out.

Why do I prefer to do it this way?

There are two main reasons. One, I absolutely hate the idea of wasting products that cost so much. And two, because I can replace and learn about new vegan products as I go along. Learning too much vegan beauty knowledge in such a short space of time isn’t ideal. I like to learn as I go, it’s more fun that way.

My Cruelty Free Base Products

Ever since I started wearing makeup daily (let’s say it’s been about 9 years, ahhh!) I realised that I needed a few things from my base; I want to feel like I’m not wearing much makeup, I want my skin to look dewy, and I want light products that don’t clog my pours. I’d rather wear no makeup at all than something that feels really heavy on my skin. Today I introduce to you all my needs in one, my Cruelty Free Base Products.

This might seem odd, but I actually apply my concealer before my foundation. I don’t use much foundation so I like to make sure my dark circles and blemishes are covered first. I always use a light shade of concealer because I mainly just use it under my eyes. I’m lucky enough to have clear skin most of the time, so serious coverage isn’t always needed. I’ve used a ton of different concealers throughout the years, including the NARS Radiant Cream Concealer which isn’t vegan. When that ran out I went back to my old favourite, Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer. I’ve purchased this one over and over again since being vegan, and it work’s for me every single day!

I recently took a trip to Charlotte Tilbury in Covent Garden because my foundation needed a serious upgrade. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in “that” mood. You know… the one where you feel really at home and inspired so you’re 100% going to buy something. I needed a new foundation because my NARS one was finally running out. After staring at the sales assistants skin as he tested out the different shades on me I left CT with the Light Wonder Foundation and the matching Wonderglow Primer. I’m not usually a primer-wearing gal so I definitely surprised myself there. Goodbye money, hello amazing dewy base.

After testing out these two base products for a couple of weeks I can definitely say that they’re a total investment and I’ll probably be heading back to CT very soon to test out some more of their vegan products and unregretfully spend more money!

My next base product is my amazing contouring kit. Back in March I found myself in Sephora on the Champs-Élysées during a trip to Paris when I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit. It was sort of an impulse purchase. In my defence I’d had my eye on it for about 2 years and I think I got a little bit too excited because I was in Sephora and I had loads of euros in cash. Why not? Since then, I’ve used the Cream Contour Kit most days. I’ve had loads of fun with this one, there’s 6 different shades to play with so there’s something for every occasion.

My Vegan Beauty Faves

What are you guys wearing on your face? Do you have any recommendations for me to try out? Let me know on Twitter and Instagram.







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