Autumn Fashion Inspiration

I’m so happy that it’s autumn! Even though I love going out without a jacket and wearing airy clothes in the summer you just can’t beat a cosy jumper, a scarf and a hot drink. Autumn reminds me of when I used to live in Newcastle. I used to go to Starbucks or Costa Coffee for a hot drink and wander along the high street looking in Fenwick at all the gorgeous beauty products. I could only look though, I was a student then so I could hardly afford my coffee!

With autumn comes a whole new fashion season with refreshed colours and styles, and this year I’m in love with the colour red! It’s not abnormal for me to shop for dark reds and burgandys, but this year is a little different because I’m attracted to brighter, bolder reds. I sort of surprised myself with this because I’m more of a deep plum kinda gal.

I’ve collected a few of my autumn fashion wants together in the hopes that it’ll bring you a bit of autumn inspo, especially if you’re in a fashion rut or you don’t know which direction to go this season! You can check out my Pinterest board too for more autumn feels. I hope you enjoy!

Red Jumpers
When is buying jumpers ever a bad idea? Even in the summer? Errr yes! I’m on the lookout for a few different red jumpers this season. I’ll have 5 please. These are the ones I’ve got my eye on:

Jumper Dresses
I’ve never actually owned a jumper dress before. It was always hard to find one that actually fitted my figure and didn’t make me look like I was drowning in fabric so I just gave up. This year it’s a little different though, I’m seeing so many maxi, fitted and even slit leg styles, so I think I’m ready to dip my toes back in.

Ripped Jeans
The other day my favourite pair of black Topshop Joni’s ripped! I’ve had them for about 5 years so I can’t complain, they’ve been my best friend about 4 times a week, every week. I do have another pair of plain black skinnys, so this time I fancy going for some ripped jeans to mix things up a bit.

Faux Leather Wrap Skirt
I’m seeing so many faux leather skirts this season. Whether it’s mini skirts, pencil skirts or midi skirts they’re definitely one to watch! I have two of them already but one I don’t have is a wrap leather skirt. I’d like a black one to go with my new selection of red jumpers.

Rose Gold Jewellery
Working in the jewellery industry it’s kinda hard not to keep an eye on the latest pieces. Rose gold tone is going to be my metal of choice this season. Let’s just hope I can afford everything on my list!

Not that I already have about 7 pairs of boots already, I must get another autumnonal pair! I’m doting over red boots and high leg boots this year but I’m not sure if I can pull them off. I know for sure that I’ll be purchasing a pair of black sock boots though, to go with my faux leather skirt of course!

Autumn wouldn’t be autumn without a new fluffy scarf, right? Gotta keep warm!

What are your autumn picks this year? I hope you’re loving red as much as I am! Let me know on Instagram and Twitter where I’ll be sharing my final purchases. Don’t forget to use my Pinterest board for inspiration!








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