An Unexpected Treat To Self

I’m currently typing this blog post on my brand new iMac! I have wanted one of these since forever, before I even got my MacBook Pro, so I decided to take the plunge and invest. Purchasing this is money well spent. Not only do the aesthetics make me happy, I find it easier to write, read blogs, edit posts, watch YouTube and do all my other day-to-day things.

I think I need to start searching for a new desk too. My current desk is old and used to double up as a vanity/workspace so I will have to find another way of making it work because my iMac takes up 27″ out of the 35″ of desk. I can barely fit my lamp on.

Last Sunday I woke up and just thought “now is the time.” I did some research of course, although I’d done it all before. I found a good price from a place I trusted and decided to just purchase it. My savings have taken a little hit, but for a good reason. I feel like I deserve this after all of my hard work and saving. I’m proud that it’s all mine, just for me.

Besides from my usual blog reading, YouTube watching and browsing, I’ll get many years use out of this. My MacBook Pro is still beautiful and works like new even after 5 years of use, so I know I can trust Apple’s iMac all the same. I’ll be using it to write blog posts and stories, edit blog posts, edit photographs, working from home and probs a bit of gaming too.


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