A Day In Camden Town And Ramblings About My Week

I’ve had a pretty strange week this week. Each hour my mood seems to be changing from feeling low to happy then to low again and I’m so fed up of having to deal with it. It’s like I’m fighting a constant battle. Even so, I’ve tried my best to stay as positive as possible and succeeded last weekend with the help of my amazing friends, colleagues and boyfriend. I do have a post planned about how I cope with my mental health issues which I hope will be up soon. I wanted to upload it this week but it didn’t feel right so I’m writing about my visit to Camden instead!

iMac Update

I can’t continue without saying how happy I am about my new iMac still. Even tapping the keys feels fresh, but the keyboard is different to my MacBook so I keep spelling words wrong and doing silly things. I will get used to it eventually. I think I have pretty much set everything up now though, the first thing I did was download The Sims (OBV) so now I have The Sims 2, 3 and 4 on my computer ready to make millions of cats and nice houses. I also invested in Adobe’s Photography Plan which includes Lightroom and Photoshop. I do have these on my work computer but I want to be able to edit the pictures I take at my leisure. The pictures in this post were mass-edited (I was editing them one by one before!) on Adobe Lightroom and it’s such a treat and so much more professional. I can’t wait to have a deeper look into the different Presets you can get.

Autumn Wardrobe Refresh

I can already feel the seasons changing, not long now and I’ll be wrapped up in layers of comfortable clothes! I actually find this time of year difficult because its sometimes too warm and sometimes too cold – I wish the weather would decide! Autumn is my favourite season so I’m excited to get some of my favourite pieces out and also shop some more. I’m trying to save money this month after the iMac purchase so I might have to wait a while before I go shopping. I’m thinking of doing a massive ASOS shop for burnt oranges, cosy jumpers and maybe a new belted coat.

Okay, now onto Camden…

Vegan Food In Camden – Temple Of Camden

As someone who doesn’t really like fake-meat products I was amazed by Temple Of Camden’s fried “chicken.” I ordered the Temple Wings and the Popcorn Snack Pack and I was so impressed. I wouldn’t usually get so much, and I definitely didn’t finish it, but I wanted to try a couple of different things from the menu. I adore deep-fried anything, who doesn’t? But even before I was vegan I would prefer the actual coating and not the meat inside, so this was a great fix for me because the crumbly coating was perfect.

Temple Of Camden is a great substitute for KFC or deep fried fast food. It has all the grease and salt that you’re used to, just without the animal!

Temple Of Camden is a short walk away from Camden Market so after we’d finished eating we had a lovely walk along the canal and passed some pretty canal boats on the way.

Tips for Exploring Camden Market

I love having a stroll and Camden Market is the perfect place to have a chilled browse (if you can cope with slow walkers and people standing in your way). There are a lot of touristy elements to the market but if you can see past that it’s fantastic. Most of the stalls sell similar things varying from jewellery to bags and body products to scents, but it’s not hard to find something special. What I love most is how quirky and cool the atmosphere is. Camden Market is great for vintage shopping too and finding those rare items that you can’t get anywhere else. My all time favourite thing about the market is the food stalls though, its vegan food heaven. Here are a few tips if you’re looking to go to Camden for the first time:

  • Know where you’re going before you get off the tube. It’s really busy constantly and people will literally walk all over the road so have a good idea of your general direction
  • With crowds comes pickpockets so make sure you have a secure bag
  • If you can go when the weather is mild. Some of the market is outside and you don’t want to get rained on
  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of strolling
  • Many stalls take cash only, there are cash machines there but you should take some cash with you anyway just in case
  • When it comes to food, try a little bit of everything!

Must Try Vegan Restaurants in Camden:

For more restaurant faves read my blog post about my 5 favourite vegan restaurants in London.

Other Things I love To Do Around Camden:

  • Walking along the canal and visiting the lock
  • Browsing through all the bookshops
  • Drinks in Spiritual Bar and Elephants Head
  • Night out at KOKO.

Here’s to having a better week this week!


Let me know where your favourite food spots in London are…


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