10 Ways To Get Cosy On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is probably my favourite day of the whole festive season. You’re in good spirits, you’ve finally finished all the jobs you need to do and you’re ready to go full force on the G&Ts. Even though winter isn’t my favourite time of year – the cold is just too much! – I love to embrace my little Christmas Eve Traditions and get all cosy. Christmas Eve is a day for finishing touches but most of all, love and excitement!

How to Get Cosy on Christmas Eve

Christmas Gifts – The most satisfying thing about Christmas is making sure that your gifts look 10/10. Little bows, golden ribbon and pretty wrapped presents for loved ones is what Christmas is all about! Placing them carefully under the Christmas Tree is the highlight of my Christmas Eve – Christmas is beginning!

Go For Tea – Nothing is more Christmassy than a chic tea shop doused in decorations. Tinsel, tea and the Christmas spirit is all we need! Whittards Tea Bar in Covent Garden is particularly lovely this time of year, and they have all of their fruity Christmas teas to try (and buy!). It’s a great opportunity for you to pick up any last minute gifts for your tea-loving friends too.

Christmas Mugs – Is it even Christmas if you haven’t brought out that Christmas mug you got last year? Earl Grey please.

Swapping your Christmas Eve PJs – This is something I’ve done every year with my Mum since I was little. It’s like a little pre-Christmas day present that kicks off all the excitement!

Christmas Music – Obvs. I’m having Justin Bieber – Mistletoe on repeat.

Christmas Candle – Your Christmas candle must be lit at all times! Burn some unscented ones too to set the mood. Be careful though!

Christmas Jumpers – Gotta bring out your Christmas jumper. I’ll be wearing my new pink rose gold pearl embellished jumper from Guess – it’s Christmas meets chic!

The Pub – Wishing my friends a Merry Christmas over a few G&Ts at the pub is something I always look forward to. Having a catch up with friends starts off the Christmas holiday period for me. Any excuse to go to the pub, right?

Christmas Drinks – Crack open some mulled wine, or if you’re me, G&T! If you’re making a G&T at home you could make it more Christmassy by adding some frozen cranberries!

Get out a Box Set – If you’re home from the pub earlier than expected you could always get cosy in bed or in front of the TV with a good box set. I’m dying to start re-watching the Office US and I think Christmas Eve might be my chance to start.

What are you going to do to get cosy this year?






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